House Footings – continued

House Footings continued

A group of four volunteers returned to tackle the house footing on June 27th.  Mild weather, two long days and some delicious pre-prepared meals was enough time to get most of the work accomplished. Three of the meditators stayed overnight, with two others arriving as “drop ins” for single days. Having people donating their time in either fashion has worked really well, and all vouch for the effectiveness pertaining to the work accomplished as well as the enjoyment of meals and meditating together as a group with different members coming and going.

There’s always some great discussions centered on the practice and it’s inspiring as well as a good learning opportunity, hearing how each of us has made use of or benefited from the practice in our daily lives.

A few more photos detailing the work taken during the 1 Day Sit. It was raining steadily during the day.