Dropping in and Staying on

From the beginning of June, Dhamma Modana has had a small but steady stream of visitor coming to the Center to volunteer for a day or two or four and for a couple of people, staying on for a week or two.

The Trust has rented a property across the highway that has several live in structures available for overnighters, or those wishing to stay on longer. Of course, there are also wonderful tenting spaces and parking for vehicles with their own sleeping units on the rezoned property.

Full kitchen, showers, sinks and outhouses, and of course the meditation hall for the daily meditation periods. For the time being, Dhamma Modana is following a twice daily sitting routine, but volunteers are welcome to sit more frequently as is done at most other Centers.

There are many jobs available for those who may not have the skills to work on the building projects. These include a variety of landscaping projects, such as:

  • clearing the paths and laying down fresh wood chip surfaces
  • weed wacking the area around the Meditation Hall
  • building up the “garden areas” (around the small stands of trees left in the clearing)
  • removing larger rocks and filling divots in the access road
  • removing alder trees and broom along the road
  • cutting down thistles
  • continuing to upgrade the female walking area (as well as helping to create an area for the men)
  • gathering and falling trees that can be used in future building projects (the Trust asks that any chainsaw work is done with proper safety equipment)
  • Bucking up and clearing any dead falls that are best suited as fire food
  • Clearing slash behind the Meditation Hall

There is a need for servers interested in preparing daily meals for volunteers (present/future) working at the Center, or even preparing meals at home to be frozen and dropped off for quicker meal prep when the server numbers are lower. There are also ongoing painting and some smaller building projects that need attention as well.

We ask anyone interested in visiting the Center in any capacity, to please let us know in advance so we can make the proper accommodation changes or let those overseeing things have an idea of how many people will be onsite from day to day.

Here’s a comment from a volunteer who spent some time on the land at the beginning of June:

Just spent a great week at Dhamma Modana.  Tented with the fly off to watch the stars the first couple of nights.  Was sound asleep prior to the stars coming out the rest of the week : )  The grandeur of nature is abundant: birdsong, sprays of foxglove, views of the surrounding mountains, forest paths …  was that pair of elk grazing on wild salmon and black berries? Stopped to watch an enormous yellow butterfly float past as I was painting the pump house/kitchen deck. Completed painting the showers, cleaned the Dhamma Hall and outhouses, helped erect the dining tents, scrubbed moss off the storage container, moved stones to the path border and wood chips to the path. Most beneficial was setting my cell phone to gong for sits at 6am, noon, and 6pm.  A very wholesome week and look forward to returning for the summer work party down the hill.  PS. The kitchen set-up in the pump house is wonderful for camping: fridge, stove, utensils etc  : )

One of the drop in volunteers tackled installing railings for the Dhamma Hall. Deciding to work with only found objects from the property, he managed to dig up some very old, but apparently salvageable pieces of steel from the Mill Site, where the Caretakers house and Barn are situated. Using the open space for the tow hitch on the back of the “adventure vehicle” (comes with welder!), he managed to straighten out and then cut the necessary sections for the stanchions, rails and mounting brackets.

After some welding, buffing and painting, the Dhamma Hall has some very useful rails for both the Female and Male entrances.

New curtains were purchased, altered and then hung in the Dhamma Hall by an industrious couple of volunteers in time for the 1 Day Sit in July.

Attached are images showing work completed on the upper property, the new curtains and several shots of the railing project.