Vancouver Island Vipassana Meditation Centre


A forested and secluded 137 acre property in the Cowichan Valley was purchased in July 2006 as the site for the development of a Vipassana meditation centre. S.N. Goenka, the Principal Teacher, named the prospective centre Dhamma Modana, which means Joy of Dhamma.

The purchase of Dhamma Modana was made possible by a donation from a Vipassana meditator who wished to support the establishment of a meditation centre on the Island. British Columbia is fortunate in having a dedicated Vipassana centre, Dhamma Surabhi in Merritt. The Vancouver Island Vipassana Association (VIVA) was formed to proceed with building the second BC centre in Lake Cowichan, to serve the greater population areas of Vancouver, Victoria and Western Canada.

The Vision

VIVA has been active organizing the myriad of details necessary for the development of a new centre, including the application to the regional authority (Cowichan Valley Regional District) for the rezoning of 13 acres of the property’s northeast corner to allow for public assembly. We are heartened by the enthusiasm and strong support from our neighbors in Lake Cowichan and Duncan. Businesses and individuals submitted over 100 letters of support for the rezoning application to the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD).

The successful rezoning allows us to build a meditation centre which can accommodate 75 people, along with a caretaker’s residence.

Dhamma Modana is currently offering one day courses for old students. At present, we do not have the facilities to offer 10-day courses at Dhamma Modana. Occasionally we rent a facility to offer a ten-day course on Vancouver Island. See ANNOUNCEMENTS below.

More info about courses available in:
British Columbia
Washington State


Scheduled Work Periods

Scheduled work periods are now being arranged so that the new house can be made ready for occupancy as soon as possible.

Please sign up for one or more of these work periods. The work period schedule is posted on the Dhamma Modana Schedule page

The construction of buildings for the new centre will proceed as donations are made by students who have completed a ten-day course of Vipassana meditation.

For more information about how you can help with the construction of the centre and activities at Dhamma Modana (such as group sittings, one day courses and work days)
A password will be required to proceed further. If you need assistance, please contact us at [email protected]  and kindly supply a few details such as when and where you sat your last course.