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Potential New Site for Vancouver Island Vipassana Centre Is Turnkey-Ready!

An outstanding opportunity has come up to purchase a 13.5-acre property near Duncan, BC, to become the new home of Dhamma Modana. This would replace the existing site at Lake Cowichan.
See more of the potential of this property in this short video.  You can see a larger view if you click the full screen icon in the lower right corner.The new property is a few minutes from the city of Duncan, in a quiet, protected, semi-rural residential area that offers features likely to attract many old students who are looking to live close to a centre. Current structures cover 12,000 square feet of space, but zoning is in place that allows expansion up to over 40,000 square feet. For the purchase price, the trust could have a facility capable of accommodating courses for 40 people almost immediately, with very little work or extra expense required. This compares with the estimated $3 million needed to build a basic centre at Lake Cowichan, not to mention the years of work and effort required for such a project.

The Vision

The sellers have accepted the trust’s offer to purchase the Duncan property for $1.5 million Canadian. A recent market assessment shows that the Lake Cowichan property is worth over $1 million, but drawing on that equity could take time. Meanwhile, to purchase the new property, we have until Friday, July 20, to confirm to the sellers that we have the finances in place.

Update: July 18.
Generous old students have so far pledged $657,000 in longer term loans, $48,250 in dana , and $1,523,000 in bridge loans. Most loans will be repaid as soon as the Cowichan Lake property is sold.  

The urgent need now is to show a healthy income in the form of Monthly Donations.  So we have set a goal of $6000 per month for Monthly Donations.  This will allow us to finance the payment of the monthly interest on all loans. See the Old Students page for more details.

All old students wishing to participate in this project are invited to contact the trust (see below) to either make a direct donation, or to arrange a longer term loan. Once the purchase goes through, we could be able to start offering 10-day Vipassana courses on Vancouver Island.

As with all Vipassana centres, support comes from generous donations of old students. Whether large or small, your support will help the Dhamma Modana trust seize this wonderful opportunity for the spread of Vipassana meditation on Vancouver Island.

To offer a donation or a loan (even for a short duration) for this project, please contact Robert and Edith Strand (phone 1-604-819-4859 or email

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Potential New Centre for Vancouver Island

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