Vancouver Island Vipassana Meditation Centre


One month to go till the new Dhamma centre on Vancouver Island opens!

Meditation: Very soon, Dhamma Modana will move to its new home in Duncan. Plans are well under way for the move and the many tasks needed to bring the property into use. Of all the tasks, the most important is to meditate. We hope that you will come and join us for one or more of the planned sits. We’ll start with 1-day and 3-day courses, and then a 10-day course beginning within the first month after we take possession of the property. The goal for the next year is to offer a 10-day course monthly for up to 35 students. Please check for updates on our course scheduling page.

Finances: A group of old students with financial experience and expertise have come forward to help. The new finance committee sent out loan agreements this week and is handling repayment scheduling. The plan is to list the Lake Cowichan property for sale as soon as possible.

Service: Most serious meditators have found that volunteering at a centre is a wonderful way of helping out and deepening their understanding of Vipassana. You can get involved by joining a committee or signing up to help organize and prepare the Duncan site.  Among the committees needed will be Household, Kitchen, Landscaping and Planning. You are also welcome to attend trust meetings, either remotely or in person. To sign up or share your questions or ideas, please send us an email.

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The Vision

Generous old students have offered loans of up to $2,258,000. That includes $687,000 in longer-term loans, plus bridge loans of $1,578,000 that will fall due as soon as the Lake Cowichan property is sold. The Association has received over $50,000 in dana, and monthly donations have increased to more than $4,000. That’s  two-thirds of the $6,000 that we calculate will be needed monthly until the centre is fully operational.

Advance inspections

Inspectors have examined the buildings and septic fields. They’ve reported that the infrastructure is sound and well maintained. The present septic system will need some minor upgrades and regular maintenance, but it can handle courses for up to 35 students.

The health authority and the fire marshall also inspected the site. They gave us positive evaluations, while making a few recommendations that we will follow up.

First courses

The Association will take possession of the property on September 28. We are examining the possibility of holding a couple of courses in October. We can start with smaller courses to see how things function. We are also planning work periods, during which the kitchen and bathrooms will be upgraded to make it possible to accommodate up to 35 students. Stay tuned for details of the schedule. And start planning to be there when this dream becomes a reality!

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Potential New Centre for Vancouver Island

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