Phase One Completed

For purposes of organizing the House and Workshop project (formerly “barn”), we’ve broken things down into three somewhat arbitrary phases. Phase one dealt with bringing both buildings to the property, siting their locations, building footings and foundations and in the case of the house, framing up the ground story and then finally lowering both buildings.

The majority of this work was undertaken with an almost exclusively volunteer labour force. This included the planning, general design, purchase of materials, labour and meal prep and service.

A small crew of paid meditators arrived in early August overseeing and working with volunteers for the house foundation wall pour. At that time Benjamin Armstrong took on the role of project manager. His guidance allowed the job to move forward in timely and efficient manner with a changing crew of volunteers and paid builders.

The Trust has continued to offer accommodations to all workers across from Dhamma Modana, and for the most part meals, have been prepared and served by volunteers from the kitchen at the top of the property.

There is a lot of work available for both skilled and semi-skilled labour, including the always vital work in the kitchen, so if anyone has the time and interest in helping out, please contact: [email protected]  and let us know your availability and skillset.

An important note: For all those interested in helping fund both the house and workshop, we’ll be posting a list of “sub projects” that we would like to tackle, but at the moment lack the necessary funds . Basically there are finances available to bring the house to phase two: lockup, with all the services connected, but the house not finished to occupancy.

It’s our hope to begin phase 3 and bring the house to occupancy by the middle of Autumn, so we encourage all Old Students interested in helping fund this to check out the “donations” link on the Old Student section of the Dhamma Modana website:

We’ll let the photos and captions explain the rest.