Local Announcement E-mail

To receive occasional announcements about new group sittings, courses, Dhamma service periods, and other old student and public events, you can join any of these email lists.

Announcement E-mail Lists

About Email list Subscribe Unsubscribe Get Help Contact List Owner
General Announcements to Old Students (moderated) [email protected] Send a blank email to announce-subscribe Send a blank email to announce-unsubscribe Send a blank email to announce-help Email  announce-owner
Service Announcements to Old Students (moderated) [email protected] Send a blank email to service-announce-subscribe Send a blank email to service-announce-unsubscribe Send a blank email to service-announce-help Email  service-announce-owner
Information about Trust activities/minutes (moderated) [email protected] Send a blank email to friends-subscribe Send a blank email to friends-unsubscribe Send a blank email to friends-help Email friends-owner

E-mail List Help

Confirm the subscribe or unsubscribe request:  After emailing the special “subscribe” address for the email list (see the table above), look for the “CONFIRM subscribe to…” or “Confirm unsubscribe from…” message in your Inbox ,  Spam, or Junk folder. Most of the time it arrives within 15 minutes. Then follow the instructions in the email you receive to complete your subscription.  You should then get a “Welcome to…” automatic message when you are subscribed.

To Check Your Subscription: Subscribe again. The email reply will either subscribe you or tell you if your current email address is already subscribed to the list. There is no danger of subscribing the same exact email address twice to the same list.

To Change Your Email Address: Subscribe using your new address and unsubscribe from your old address. In both cases, you should get a confirmation message that indicates that the particular email address is subscribed or unsubscribed.