Landscaping and preparing the property for sale

Several volunteers spent time in August readying the house, work shop and property for sale.

After weeks of poor visibility, the air quality had improved enough that by Monday Sept 27th,  a photographer was able to get good drone shots of the property. The interior of the house was photographed and all images are now posted with the listing on the Pemberton Holmes website.!gallery

In preparation for the landscaping, a major cleanup around the workshop was undertaken by volunteers. Several loads of waste material were taken to the dump and tools, machinery and wood were sorted and stored in both the workshop and storage tents. The older white tent was moved to the front entrance of the workshop to act as a carport.

A volunteer with years of experience operating heavy duty machinery arranged the rental and ran the excavator. The excavator was on the property for three days and the work proceeded quickly and smoothly.

The excavator was rented from Tuck Bros, dropped of on Tuesday Sept 28th  and work commenced on clearing away and modifying the land around both buildings. It was decided that landscaping the property to allow proper drainage away from the buildings would take priority, followed by a general clean up of all the material removed from the sites of both buildings and then finally work done to reduce the visual impact of the slash piles. The slash pile behind the tent housing the Kubota was collected and cleared away, and the dead wood on the pine trees beside the Trailer was trimmed and removed.

A curved mound was added in front of the house as both a landscaping feature and to direct water away from the house. Having this covered with wood chips and then planted with several shrubs would go a long way to improving the visual aesthetic. Large boulders were placed before the gravel pit and around the septic tanks.

After the excavator was picked up, the hardiplank siding on the house was hosed and scrubbed down, as well as all the decks, railings, most of the windows and the rear entry.