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One Day Teen Course at Dhmamma Khunja 2022

Anapana for Children 8 - 12 years of age

Anapana is a simple meditation technique.  The children learn how to observe the natural, normal breath as it enters or leaves the nostrils.  It helps them to calm down their mind and to concentrate better.  As well as helping the mind to calm down, Anapana can help a child to understand themself and how their mind works. 
During the course, there are meditation instructions as well as other activities such as games, art, and storytelling. Lunch and snacks are provided.  The children are assigned group leaders who accompany and assist them throughout the course, providing support and guidance as needed.  At the start of the course everyone is asked to follow a Code of Behaviour and practice how to live a good life by making the mind better, stronger and kinder. These are the first steps of the Vipassana Meditation method that is taught to older people. 

                    One day course in Hong Kong

One day course in Hong Kong

Child and Teen courses are held around the world at schools, camps etc., and also at Meditation Centres. Dhamma Modana will hold its first 1-Day Children's course on Sunday, December 18, 2022. There are 6, 1-Day courses, scheduled for the next year, 5 for children and 1 for teens. 

            Course at Vipassana Centre in France

Course at Vipassana Centre in France

Adults serving on Child or Teen Courses

Old students who have completed a 10-day Vipassana meditation course are welcome to serve on these courses. To register, please apply online. All old students working with the children will be required to complete a Criminal History Background Check which will be a step during their service application process.

There is no charge for any of the courses, because they are paid for by donations from people who have already done a course. Parents do not have to be old students for their children to attend a 1 Day course. 
If you would like more information, please email [email protected] 


October 2022, Dhamma Modana

Questions and Answers

What is the mind?

The mind is what thinks! The entire thought process is due to the mind. It is the mind that is constantly involved in the various actions of thinking, reading and pondering over what has been read, etc. During its course of thinking, the mind may act beneficially or harmfully. If it adopts the wrong habit pattern, then it will generate feelings of ill will and animosity for others. If instead, the mind reforms itself, then although it will still have thoughts, they will now be thoughts for the wellbeing of others. If someone has shortcomings, the mind will want that person to overcome his shortcomings because now the mind knows that due to his shortcomings, that person will perform wrong actions which will make him more miserable and unhappy. So, the mind will harbour thoughts of goodwill towards that person. It will want the person to refrain from doing bad deeds and thus save himself from burning in the fires of suffering. We observe that it is the nature of the mind to generate thoughts all the time. Therefore, our most important duty is to guide the mind towards a healthy thought process and prevent it from taking the path of unhealthy thinking patterns. Our entire effort is aimed towards understanding this nature of the mind and correcting it if it goes on the wrong path.

Dhamma Modana, November

Centre Updates

Old Student Submission, Between Course Service Period - Fall 2022

Old Student Submission:  I had a wonderful time planting the Garry oaks, and I could plant at least another 10! I planted 4 along the path near the patch of chocolate lilies, two near the lookout at the women's side and five on top of the hill. I put blue flagging tape on or above the trees to mark where they are. Would you like me to make a little map marking them? Every shovel I took turned up rice root or chocolate lily bulbs at the top of the hill so I would recommend heading up there in the spring to see them in bloom.
 I have been aching to prune the apple trees since we bought the property so I went to town on the one by the kitchen and fear I may have pruned it too hard. I wasn't able to get to some of the shoots at the back due to the slope but most of the shoots/branches are cut back. It will likely take a year to recover but hopefully produce some nice fruit at the end. The second tree is on the path to the right of the other one and is already half dead - literally- but I left the dead branch on it- and took off the largest shoots that I could reach. I didn't do a hard prune for fear of killing it. We may need to remove it altogether at some point although we have some old apple trees at my parents' place that were planted in the 1950s and still limp along and produce nice fruit. 
The kidney bed in the courtyard was cleared out and the calla lilies planted with the echinacea and the other perennial whose name is escaping me right now. I tried to pull all of the weeds out but those little clover-like weeds have deceptively large root systems so they will be back again in the spring when I will try again.
I didn't prune the roses as it's not the right time but will do a hard prune in the spring as they have grown enormously over the summer.

Dhamma Modana Virtual Sitting

Weekly Group Sitting / Dhamma Modana / Followed by Q&A and Discussion

Dhamma Modana's weekly group sittings are on Mondays, 7pm-8pm, followed by Q&A.  
All old students are welcome to join through the link or by calling in. 

Link:  Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Phone:  +1 647-317-5363   Canada, Toronto (Toll)
Conference ID: 843 089 335#

Links and other group sittings can be found on the Dhamma Modana's Webpage, (Old Student / Group Sittings)

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