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Words of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Essentials of Buddha Dhamma in Meditative Practice
      In this connection, we should understand that each action - whether by deed, word or thought - leaves behind and active force called sankhara (or kamma in popular terminology), which goes to the credit or debit account of the individual, according to whether the action is good or bad. There is,, therefore, an accumulation of sankharas (or kamma) with everyone, which functions as the supply-source of energy to sustain life, which is inevitable followed by suffering and death. It is by the development of the power inherent in the understanding of annica, dukka and anatta that one is able to rid oneself of the sankharas accumulated in one's own personal account. This process begins with the correct understanding of anicca while further accumulations of fresh actions and the reduction of the supply of energy to sustain life and taking place simultaneously, from moment to moment and from day to day.

In Service to Circumstance

by Danel Cove


The Buddha's inheritance

is enlightenment's imminence 

in a lineage of eminence 

and unequaled benevolence.

The path that he represents 

is walked in full confidence 

by disciples of excellence 

beyond all comparisons. 


To these I make deference 

in lines filled with reverence; 

to these I make reference 

in words of relevance 

revealed with elegance 

and subsequent eloquence,

wrought by intelligence 

for devotional sustenance 

devoid of all sentiments, 

and warmed in the resonance 

of pureness of presence -  

of objective experience, 

nearing an innocence 

in sense-felt incidents 

of ephemeral elements. 

Sensation and sentience 

bear wisdom's developments 

when tangible transience, 

discerned in severance, 

effaces the influence 

of imagined invariance, 

undoing the inference 

of apparent perpetuance, 

evincing the evidence 

of inconstancy's dominance. 

Perceiving the prominence 

of continual difference, 

with patience and diligence, 

persistence and vigilance, 

an absence of preference 

lets insight take precedence, 

lessening our ignorance 

of passing's full prevalence, 

hindering each hinderance 

to purity's continuance; 

impeding defilements  

and defeating impediments 

that obstruct our transcendence 

from existence in sufferance. 


Change is the provenance 

of decisive deliverance; 

for freedom is consequence 

when clearly one comprehends 

that truth has no accidents 

and all is impermanence. 


by Wayne Briscoe

10 days at sea,
adrift I float,
Secure and serene in my
Dhamma boat.

Though the waves tower high,
Though the wind does whip,
Nothing can disturb me
In my unsinkable ship.

Consumed by the wonder
Mind an ink black sky,
Calmer than the doldrums,
No me, no mine, no I.

Nirvana to calamity
I smile and I stand fast,
Knowing all is changing.
Let me see how long it lasts.

Loving kindness, joy,
So happy just to witness it.
Compassion dwarfs the sea,
Grateful for the gift of it.

Dhamma brothers and sisters,
A humble bow to all,
Sitting with one mind
In the Dhamma hall.

One True Refuge,
Three Precious Gems,
Four Noble Truths,
Begin again.

Watch it arise,
Then pass like clouds
On pristine skies.
Dhamma Modana, December 26, 2021
Dhamma Modana Centre Update

Local Support Team  

Dhamma Modana has a team of local old students who step in to support and fill management responsibilities. 


If you live within a 2 hour drive from the Centre and are interested in serving on the Local Support Team, please contact [email protected]
If you are interested in sit, serve, serve program please contact [email protected]

Questions and Answers
April 2022

Question: I have a question about daily practice. Over the last 2 years, I have been consistent with doing 45 mins to 1 hour per day of Vipassana.

Lately, I find myself experiencing very strong vibrations over my entire body. Sometimes it feels like I am shaking. A few questions in connection with that:

1. At times when I'm experiencing strong vibrations, should I simply observe it like any other sensation?

2. Should I continue to scan the body, systematically from top to bottom, when experiencing these vibrations? Sometimes it feels like the same vibration is persisting across the entire body!

3. How quickly or slowly should I move my attention when experiencing these vibrations?

Answer: It is excellent that you have established a daily practice.

Yes, your intuition is correct, any physical sensation is just to be observed, with equanimity.

Yes, you should continue to scan the body in order from head to feet and then feet to head, alternating between working part by part and then working with a free flow or simultaneously (both sides of the body at the same time when possible.) When you experience strong sensations you should observe them exactly as you would any other sensations--in order, not giving any one sensation more importance than another. However, if you have a choice between two sensations, give importance to whichever is more subtle. To be clear, it doesn't matter if the sensations are the same everywhere, the instructions remain the same. Work in order.

In terms of speed, work in a way that feels normal or natural for you and from time to time this may mean to work more slowly or more quickly, depending on your concentration and the kinds of sensations you are experiencing. As explained above, alternate between part by part and free flow regardless of the sensations you are experiencing.

Finally, try to work in a relaxed way. Don’t force a particular posture. When you pass your attention through the body in order and become aware of areas that are tense, it’s okay to intentionally relax them.

Keep meditating!

If you have questions about your practice you may email 
at‑[email protected] indicating whether you prefer an email response or a phone call.
Dhamma Modana, December 28, 2021
Dhamma Modana Virtual Sitting

Weekly Group Sitting / Dhamma Modana / Followed by Q&A and Discussion

Dhamma Modana's weekly group sittings are on Mondays, 7pm-8pm, followed by AT-led Q&A.  

It is good to meditate together at least once a week.

All old students are welcome to join through the link or by calling in.
Link:  Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Phone:  +1 647-317-5363   Canada, Toronto (Toll)
Conference ID: 843 089 335#

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