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October 2016 Fall Newsletter http://www.modana.dhamma.org

Building Projects at Dhamma Modana
See below for Opportunities for Service!

As the summer edges gently into fall, the work at Dhamma Modana continues with enthusiasm. So much has been accomplished over the course of the last few months, with so many volunteers giving generously of their time, efforts and dana.

House Delivery

Early this spring a house and barn were purchased and moved onto the property. The house will eventually serve as a caretaker home and the barn will become a workshop. Both structures sit soundly on new foundations. The house has a newly constructed ground floor, with much of the interior framing completed, and the porch closed in. The goal of bringing both structures to a state of lock-up, where they would be able to safely weather the winter is now readily within reach, and we can begin to look ahead to the next step.

Building footings and walls for house
Building footings and walls for house

House ready to be lowerd

House ready to be lowered

Plans have been drawn up to adapt the house for use as a Dhamma house, where Old Student events could be held while the centre is being developed. The ground floor would have dorm space, offices, an open meeting room, and washrooms for students and servers, while the top floor would have rooms for ATs and servers, washrooms, a kitchen, and dining areas for both genders. The workshop would serve as a Dhamma hall, as well as a storage facility and workshop. These plans will allow for the house to host up to 16 students, and we could begin running Old Student events as early as spring of next year.

House with Workshop in the distance
House with Workshop in the distance

Aerial view of the project
Aerial view of the Project

Opportunities for Service and Ways to Contribute

A fully functioning Dhamma house by the spring of 2017 is a very real possibility! There are many ways to become involved and help make this possibility a reality.

For those who wish to contribute with dana, the following is a list of projects, with estimated costs for completion:

  • Hardiplank siding for the exterior walls: $6500
  • Materials and labour for all porches and entrances to house: $8000
  • Baseboards for heat in the house: $2500
  • Materials for 4 bathrooms: $2500 for each bathroom
  • Gutters on the house to protect the house from rain damage: $1200
  • Signpost for our new Dhamma Modana entrance sign: $100
  • Drywall for house/workshop: $7500/$4500
  • Workshop siding: $5500

Volunteers with Workshop

Volunteers with Workshop

Volunteers wishing to contribute their time, energy and skills are encouraged to participate; you are a primary part of this Dhamma undertaking. There will be many projects on the go over the course of the next few months: dry walling, installing bathroom fixtures, tiling, flooring, landscaping, painting, picking up materials or preparing meals. Even if you don't feel that you have a specific skill to offer, but you would like to be involved, please contact the volunteer coordinator, as there are many ways to contribute.

Any amount of time would be helpful. Options include serving for a day or a weekend, or for longer. If you would like to serve in any capacity, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

The schedule will include sitting in the morning, breakfast break, construction, lunch break, more construction, dinner, and evening sitting. It will be a wonderful opportunity both to strengthen one's practice in a Dhamma setting, and help with a very inspiring project.

Lunch Break

This is an exciting time, which offers a unique opportunity to be involved in the establishment of a vipassana retreat center on the island. We are so close to bringing the dream of a Dhamma house to fruition!

The Trust is considering the option of taking out small, non-interest-bearing or very low interest-bearing loans that would provide a fairly long time frame to pay back. If you are interested in this, please contact [email protected] 

Blog Entries

The process of construction this summer has been well chronicled in a number of blog entries posted on the www.modana.dhamma.org site. Here are the links:

A donor was inspired by this forward direction, and a donation of $100,000 was given. To contribute to this project, click here´┐Ż

The Trustees are very excited to be moving forward in a new phase of the development of the Lake Cowichan Dhamma Modana property.

The Value of Monthly Donations

It's very important to establish a strong monthly donation income stream. Regular monthly donations of $20 or $30 will have a huge impact over time as financial institutions are more willing to lend us money based on regular monthly donations. Currently there are 17 old students giving a total of $900 a month. It would be great to increase this to $5000 per month! Many small contributions would do this. This is how both the Georgia Centre and the Toronto Centre have expanded so rapidly.

Monthly donors have commented that their monthly donations are affordable and convenient because they are automated to come either out of their bank account or off their credit card. They report feeling connected in an ongoing way and are really happy to think about their donation contributing to the evolution of the centre on Vancouver Island.

To contribute monthly or to give a onetime donation, please go to the donation page of the website.

All donations are tax-deductible. If donations are contributed monthly, a cumulative annual receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

The teaching is given freely because it is considered a priceless gift. Donating towards the building of a house of Dhamma is also a priceless gift! The time is ripe!

Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy.
While giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful.
After having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.
Anguttara Nikaya 3.6.37


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