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 Vancouver Island Vipassana Association

Vipassana meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin
as taught by S.N. Goenka
June 2013 Spring Newsletter http://www.modana.dhamma.org

10 Day Vipassana Course on Vancouver Island: August 8-19, 2013

For many years, the Vancouver Island Vipassana Association has been offering a course in late fall at Camp Pringle, Shawnigan Lake. This “off-centre course” has been held because of the demand for courses on Vancouver Island, and because a centre has not yet been built here.

In 2013, Camp Pringle doubled their rental fee. The course last fall ran a deficit of $2000, and the projected loss to host a course there this year would have been over $10,000. So the Trust has decided that it is no longer feasible to hold courses at Camp Pringle.

A search committee found a rustic site about 20 minutes south of Nanaimo, near the Nanaimo airport. The Spruston Bible Camp is secluded and quiet. It is at the bottom of a small valley surrounded by forest. The site can accommodate 32 men and 32 women meditators in segregated areas. Because the cabins are very simple, the course will be held in August when the weather is expected to be warm. Unfortunately, the site will not be able to accommodate any need for a private room. There is a separate bathing and toilets block. The camp also has a new industrial kitchen with a nice large dining hall. For a Dhamma Hall, a large tent will be rented.

Please register online http://courses.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schsurabhi

Servers are definitely needed! Please register online.

Please check our website for any changes to the schedule.

Dhamma Modana Has a New Website!!!

A new website has been posted at http://www.modana.dhamma.org.

There is lots of information for Old Students in the Old Student section of the website. Click on the Old Student tab; the username is oldstudent, the password is behappy. The first page on the old student site-New Centre- describes the development so far. Enjoy the lovely visuals of the land.

The next page-Centre Design- shows the vision for the centre. It will be built in several stages, as the Trust receives donations to do so. A full financial picture is available on the page called Finances, and ways to donate are covered on the page called Donations.

You will find periodic Blog entries describing events that have happened at the centre.

The Resource section covers Group Sittings, Trust Meetings Minutes, and a very interesting selection of reading material.

The Need for Dhamma Modana

Right now, there are long wait lists at Dhamma Surabhi and frequent requests on the Dhamma Modana website for courses on Vancouver Island. The need for a new centre is pressing.

Hosting an off centre course is very labour-intensive. Far more effort is needed than will be required once Dhamma Modana is built. For the course this summer a meditation tent will need to be rented; audio equipment and video equipment brought in; kitchen and dining supplies provided; meditation mats brought over from Vancouver and supplies borrowed from Dhamma Surabhi. It requires a lot of volunteer effort.

Financial status of Dhamma Modana

Now that the rezoning has been completed, and the plans have been designed, the Trust will develop the centre in several phases. Developing this new centre to serve students is a big financial challenge. This growth can be achieved only through the continuing support and generosity of grateful old students.

Last year the construction of the infrastructure began. The road was widened to accommodate the BC Hydro lines that were put in, the building site was cleared, and a well was drilled. Unfortunately, we did not find water. A water expert has recently analyzed the topography, and has advised we install a shallow well. This is scheduled to happen in late June.

Currently the VIVA trust has $50,000 in the bank. We have spent $100,000 on infrastructure, and need another $350,000 to complete it, by putting in the septic system, setting up a water system, and finishing the pumphouse.

To start regular 10-day courses, the cumulative total cost for the construction project is estimated at about $2.63 million.

Please refer to the website for our financial situation.

This project provides a unique and rare opportunity for Old Students to directly take part in an extraordinarily meritorious effort.

Financial contributions may be made in any of several ways. Please go to the Donation page of the website.

The Value of Monthly Donations

It's very important to establish a strong monthly donation income stream. Regular monthly donations of $20 or $30 will have a huge impact over time as financial institutions are more willing to lend us money based on regular monthly donations. Currently there are 17 old students giving a total of $900 a month. It would be great to increase this to $5000 per month! Many small contributions would do this. This is how both the Georgia Centre and the Toronto Centre have expanded so rapidly.

Monthly donors have commented that their monthly donations are affordable and convenient because they are automated to come either out of their bank account or off their credit card. They report feeling connected in an ongoing way and are really happy to think about their donation contributing to the evolution of the centre on Vancouver Island.

To contribute monthly or to give a onetime donation, please go to the Donation page of the website.

All donations are tax-deductible. If donations are contributed monthly, a cumulative annual receipt will be issued at the end of the year.

The teaching is given freely because it is considered a priceless gift. Donating towards the building of a house of Dhamma is also a priceless gift! The time is ripe!

Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy.
While giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful.
After having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.
Anguttara Nikaya 3.6.37

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