Updates for July 21, 2018


The idea of purchasing the nunnery started with one old student hearing that this was for sale and wondering if this could be a Dhamma centre. After emails and a site visit, the potential for the nunnery was imagined. Within days, trust members and teachers responded with excitement and the path to purchasing began. Through word of mouth, even before the first newsletter went out, there was a concrete promise of loans that exceeded the asking price of the nunnery!


VIVA realised quickly that financial expertise was needed and fortunately several old students with those skills came forward to assist with this aspect. Planning includes selling the Lake Cowichan property, covering interest payments on loans, loan payback schedule, interim maintenance of 2 sites, and annual operating costs.


Through the generosity of old students there has been offers of loans up to $2,258,000. Of those loans, $687,000 are longer term loans and $1,578,000 are bridge-loans until the property in Lake Cowichan sells. Over $50,000 in dana has been given and monthly donations have increased to over $3000 per month. The target for monthly donations is presently set for $6000 per month in order to cover interest on loans and operations until the centre is fully functional (ie. holding 2 courses/month for 35 students).


Inspections of the buildings and septic fields have been completed which revealed an infrastructure that is sound and well maintained. The present septic system will need some minor upgrades and regular maintenance but is sufficient for hosting courses for up to 35 students.


The health authority and the fire marshall have inspected the site with positive evaluations and with a few recommendations that will be followed up.


Possession of the nunnery is September 28th, 2018. Course scheduling is under review for holding a couple of courses in October.  Small courses for 18 students with private residences and shared bathrooms can be held to see how things function. Work periods will allow for upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms that will accommodate up to 35 students.


Please visit the website for more updates. Dhamma Modana Old Student Website