Spring 2023 March 19 – April 5 Seasonal Work Period Projects

Dependent on volunteers’ availability and skills, projects include: 

  • Building projects (Carpenters needed):
    • Renovations to the men’s server dorm  
    • Building and installing a counter with a sink in the cooking area of the kitchen
    • Back splash and new shelving for the dish washing area
    • Various other small projects
  • Electrical projects (Electricians needed)
    • Cabin 1 wiring for the new addition
    • Men’s dorm
    • Installing exterior lighting
    • Several repairs / upgrades 
  •  Plumbing tasks 
  • Household projects: spring cleaning of walls, cupboards, carpets; carpet repair 
  • Grounds projects: trail maintenance, pruning, installation of irrigation lines 
  • Those skilled with chain saws milling fallen fir trees 

Visit the course schedule page to apply for Long Service/Work Period.  

(Note: It is now possible for students to update your Server Availability form online. Doing so makes it much easier for volunteers to be contacted with service opportunities based on their availability and skillsets) 

For more information contact [email protected]