Pump House

I feel very fortunate to be building the second small building on our land. The pumphouse is a small 9 x 12 building to house the water and electrical. We have finished clearing the road, so that the power lines can go in, which should happen shortly. Once we have water and power, we can consider having 3 day courses!

We purchased a small frame shed from a neighbor, loaded on a flat bed truck and brought it up to the site. Work began.

Four volunteers put in lots of hours. One arrived with a gazillion tools and did a beautiful job on the siding. The siding is on, the roof and decks finished, the interior already wired and ready for insulation, and finishing!

In late June, I leave to go sit a 30 day course.

What needs to happen next is the laying of electrical line and water line, and hooking up the pump to pressure tank and power, once the water flows!

When I return, in mid-August, the work will include insulating and finishing the ceiling and walls once the plumbing is done, laying a floor, then building and installing the counter tops, sink, and fixtures. We will install hot water heater(s), cabinets, dishwasher, stove and fridge. Then there will be a  final installation of electrical fixtures ie lights, plugs, possibly building a loft storage/sleeping area, building the shower enclosures, the tooth brushing/hand washing stations on the back, and a few more things that are bound to come up like waste plumbing etc. Build with simplicity and cost effectiveness in mind, this building will be very functional and useful!