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People of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome to our courses.

The campuses at all the meditation centers in this tradition are designed to be segregated into male and female sides. This extends to the residential accommodations, the walking areas, the dining rooms and the meditation hall. This structure is designed to reduce the tension that derives from the mixing of genders.

We recognize this doesn’t work for everyone and that sometimes members of the LGBTQ community may not feel comfortable on either side of the building(s) or having to identify as male or female. If you are an old student planning to attend one of the Old Student Events, please let us know about your sexual orientation or gender identity beforehand. This will allow us to try and arrange a space for you where you can feel safe and not distracted while you plumb the depths of your mind. You can let us know about your concerns by writing something on the application where we ask, “Anything you wish to add to the above information?” We will contact you and together we will make a plan that works for you. Your private information shall only be used for accommodation arrangement and be kept confidential