(COVID-19) Temporary Center Closure

All events are temporarily suspended at Dhamma Modana

Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

A new coronavirus is the cause of an outbreak of respiratory infections known as COVID-19. While there are confirmed cases, the risk to British Columbians remains low.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 has raised concerns about the health and safety of all participants while at our courses.

Dhamma Modana is committed to protecting attendees of our courses , the resident center managers, and to participating in efforts to attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 while the search for effective treatments and vaccine are underway.

We are not equipped to deal with sick people or infections or even to be trained as professional cleaners.

Because of these factors, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend courses at Dhamma Modana until further notice. 

Effective immediately the centre will stop operating courses and no new applications will be accepted.