Landscaping and preparing the property for sale

September 2018

Several volunteers spent time in August readying the house, work shop and property for sale. After weeks of poor visibility, the air quality had improved enough that by Monday Sept 27th,  a photographer was able to get good drone shots of the property. The interior of the house was photographed and all images are now

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Phase One Completed

September 2016

For purposes of organizing the House and Workshop project (formerly “barn”), we’ve broken things down into three somewhat arbitrary phases. Phase one dealt with bringing both buildings to the property, siting their locations, building footings and foundations and in the case of the house, framing up the ground story and then finally lowering both buildings.

From the Barn to the House

August 2016

There is still a need for volunteers of all skill sets: labourers, trades people, and food prep people. Please don’t hesitate to contact    [email protected]  if you have the time and interest in helping out!